Juan Pablo Greco

was born in Montevideo (R.O. of Uruguay) and resides from his childhood in Buenos Aires (R. Argentina). He has studied classic and popular guitar, with professors Tzvetan Sabev and Alfredo Sadi, among others. He undertook studies of harmony, counterpoint, arrangements and composition selfly-taught, perfecting with professors Rodolfo Alchourron and the musicologist and composer Coriun Aharonian. He participated in the first seminar on candombe, taught by the musician and musicologist Luis Ferreira, in the General San Martin Cultural Center of Buenos Aires.

As teacher he has delivered classes both privately and in specialized institutions like "Escuela Argentina de Tango" of the Borges Cultural Center and in the Instituto Vocacional de Artes (I.V.A.) from the Buenos Aires City Government, specializing in professor of guitar and musical arrangements and in Argentinian Candombe.

He became specialized as instrumentist and composer in the treatment of popular music of the Rio de la Plata region, creating the “Quinteto Inmigrante”, which performed in several cities in Argentina and Uruguay. With this group he was selected to participate in the 1994, 1995 edition of the Internacional Festival of Music “Mar del Jazz” and in the Instrumental Music Festival “Montevideo 95” second edition. The work of the Quinteto Inmigrante was sponsored many times by the Cultural area of the Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Argentina. The book “Jazz Criollo y otras yerbas” of the respected music journalist Walter Tiers remarks his labor as composer.

He has been arranger and musician
for many interpreters of the gender, among others, the fundamental artist Lágrima Rios, having componed a special play for her (“Milongón de dos orillas”), edited in her CD “Cantando Sueños”. Later he worked in the direction and arrangements for the poet and singer Pilar Rodríguez Castillo, daugther of the great master Osiris, before her tour to Spain.
He has also composed original music for theater plays and independent videos.
In 1999 his CD “Nacimientos”, featuring the Juan Pablo Greco Quintet. The quintet performed in key theatres of Buenos Aires, including Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Teatro General San Martin hall AB, and in the circuit specialized in Jazz and popular Fusion music. The CD received very positive critics in the Music sections of the main newspapers from Buenos Aires and the Provinces, in “Jazz Magazine” in France and in Denmark.

J. P. Greco is musical director of a tango show titled “Homero Manzi, esquina tango” for the tradicional tango house “Homero Manzi” in San Juan and Boedo streets, Buenos Aires.
The master Leon Benaros makes a special offering to Juan Pablo, a play made in cooperation with master Sebastian Piana named “Cara de Negro, doce candombes y pregones de Bs. As. ”(Black man face, twelve candombe and cries of Buenos Aires)”. The play requires Juan Pablo to multiply as interpreter, arranger and musical director and he adds to it findings of his research on candombe in Buenos Aires. The play is programmed by the National Direction of Arts, branch of the Secretary of Culture of Argentina (National Government) and gets full hall audience attendance in the three functions performed at the Nacional Centre for Music and Dance , Carlos Guastavino hall.

Currently he continues his work as componer and interpreter, performing with the “Juan Pablo Greco Trio”, with their proposal of Tango Candombe.
He also continues teaching and he is advisor in the “Partituras Project” of the Argentina National Library. He is finishing a book about his research of candombe in Argentina and he is recording a solo CD with his own arrangements of tangos of both well known authors and his own.

In the Argentina Government Cultural administration, Juan Pablo has collaborated and supported the initiatives of Professor Eduardo Rodriguez Arguibel, carrying on many tasks during a three year period, in which Juan Pablo was responsible for the initial phase of organization and classification of the Fonoteca Nacional, as technical secretary of the National Orchestra of argentinian music "Juan de Dios Filiberto" and as collaborator to the National Director of Arts.
He then worked as collaborator of the Director of the Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Profesor Eduardo Rodriguez Arguibel, carrying oy many tasks in the area.

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